The 6 Basic Punches Of Boxing

Let a boxing instructor teach you how to do 'em right!

Want to give boxing a shot? We got in touch with the boxing instructors at BoxFit to illustrate the six basic punches of boxing. 

"First punch is the left straight punch. It’s called Jab. Second punch is the right straight punch. It’s called Cross. When you’re throwing the cross make sure you turn your hip and you pivot your foot.

Third punch is the Left Hook. Same principle you’re turning your hip, you’re pivoting your foot. Now the Right Hook. Now the fifth punch – the Left Uppercut. When he’s throwing the left uppercut, he’s dropping his right knee first, then pushing from his left leg and coming up with the Left Uppercut.

Same principle with the Right Uppercut. Dropping his left knee and pushing from the right one." 

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